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Revitalization in Nubian Square

While the MBTA has faced scrutiny in recent years, it is also due some major credit for its foresight. Fifteen years ago, the public agency entrusted Nuestra Comunidad Development Corp. and Windale Developers with the daunting task of transforming the former Bartlett Yard bus maintenance facility in Nubian Square, the commercial center of Roxbury.

After years and years of planning and groundwork, the formerly vacant, eight-acre brownfield site is emerging as a vibrant new mixed-use village. The opening of the wonderful Nubian Market is the latest fruit of those labors. The new public food market, cafe, and gathering space is a celebration of the uniqueness, unrivaled history, and culture represented in and around Boston's Nubian Square. 

Kudos to all of those whose hard work and vision have brought Bartlett Yard to this exciting stage. Development like this is not easy, but the transformation and resulting economic opportunity are worth the wait.  

Formerly an MBTA bus yard, this is fast becoming a place to eat, live, gather, work out, send children to an African-centered Montessori school, and shop for healthy, culturally inclusive groceries.


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