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CRE Short Sales Are Here for the Long Haul

In cities across the country, “for lease” signs dot the downtown landscape. The pandemic aftermath – with employers maintaining hybrid or fully remote work policies and interest rates remaining high – has turned formerly bustling downtowns into veritable ghost towns.

The result: commercial real estate sales in major metropolises have slowed considerably and, in many cases, have presented some jaw-dropping price reductions. New York is on pace to see less than a third of its historical 10-year average in commercial real estate investment sales this year. In Boston, a pair of office buildings at 33-41 West Street recently sold for just over $4 million, a quarter of their $16 million price seven years ago. And in DC, owners are seeing valuations of certain downtown office properties that reflect a drop of 50% to 75% from the most recent sales.

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Short sales can be a good solution for borrowers looking for an exit strategy.


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