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| 1 minute read

G&S Reflections: What Does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to Abigail Fletes?

I am a proud Mexican American. And while I now openly embrace my Hispanic culture, this wasn’t always the case. When I moved to America at the age of 10, my ethnic identity was something I tried desperately to conceal in a futile effort to better assimilate into “American culture.” Thankfully, I realized long ago that cultural diversity can and should be celebrated, and I stopped trying to hide those parts of myself that are deeply rooted in the abundant history of a resilient people. As my father likes to remind me when times are hard, “Our ancestors survived genocide, Mija. Resiliency is in our blood.”

Above all else, my ancestors fought for greater opportunities, leaving behind home and country in search of a better future. I am grateful to all those who took this journey before me, and who sacrificed everything to break down the barriers that paved the way for us to follow in their footsteps.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, I reflect upon my journey of self-awareness and honor the very culture that shapes who I am today. What better way to honor my people than by sharing some of our culture? I hope to share a bit about the resilience, richness, and warmth of my Mexican heritage, and will do so the only way I know how: through food. I welcome you to try some of the foods that have nourished my body and soul, and that remind me of a home thousands of miles away.