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Taking the Leap to Chief Business Development Officer – Discussing the Journey, Challenges, and Lessons

In the twists and turns of a career in legal marketing and business development, making the jump to CMO or CBDO stands out as possibly the most daunting.

Kelly Harbour, Chief Business Development Officer at Goulston & Storrs, shares her career journey to CBDO and advice for others looking to make the leap with Edward Lovatt on the Passle CMO Series podcast. Click here to listen.

Ed and Kelly discuss:

  • Kelly’s current role at Goulston & Storrs and her journey to where she is now;
  • What it was like making the move to the role of CBDO;
  • How the experience of an internal promotion compares to someone coming into the role from outside the firm;
  • What it’s like to step into the shoes of your former CBDO;
  • Kelly’s experience in being a parent and managing a promotion during the pandemic and her advice for working parents taking on demanding jobs; and
  • Advice for aspiring CMOs and CBDOs.


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