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Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Property Opinions

How could feminist perspectives and methods change the shape of property law? This volume assembles a group of diverse scholars to explore this question by presenting fundamental property law cases rewritten from a feminist perspective. The cases cover a broad range of property law topics, from landlord-tenant rights and obligations, patents, and zoning to publicity rights, land titles, concurrent ownership, and takings. These rewritten opinions and their accompanying commentaries demonstrate how incorporating feminist theories and methods could have made property law more just and equitable for women and marginalized groups. The book also shows how property law is not neutral but is shaped by the society that produces it and the judges who apply it.

Goulston & Storrs associate and adjunct professor at George Washington University Law School, Meghan Hottel-Cox, contributed the rewritten opinion focusing on Tate v. Water Works & Sewer bd. of City of Oxford, 217 SO. 3D 906.

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real estate, development land use & zoning, real estate acquisitions & dispositions, office & life sciences leasing