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Podcast: How Real Estate Development Can Boost Urban Health

Goulston & Storrs attorney Matthew Kiefer and environmental consultant Adele Houghton are advocates for a deeper understanding of the health impacts of real estate development. 

In a recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review - “How Real Estate Development Can Booth Urban Health” - they suggest employing a public health approach known as health situation analysis to identify, assess, and tackle public health concerns in a context-specific way, particularly within vulnerable low-income and minority communities. Matthew and Adele believe that health situation analysis can transform the public approval process when applied to commercial real estate by prioritizing neighborhood health and well-being that resonates with local residents and community stakeholders. 

Matthew and Adele recently joined The Sustainable City Podcast to elaborate on their ideas as to how real estate development can boost urban health. Listen here.

"Our approach can reorient value creation in real estate, from the property itself to a project's broader effects on the surrounding neighborhood. "


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