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MA State Library Author Talk: Idea City

The MA State Library Author Talks Series recently hosted a panel discussion between David Gamble, Matthew Kiefer, and Rosalyn Negron, all contributors to Idea City: How to Make Boston More Livable, Equitable, and Resilient (UMASS Press, 2023). 

The book explores a variety of challenges that Boston faces in the twenty-first century and suggests ways to enhance the city for all its residents. Addressing issues like resiliency, mobility, affordable housing, public health, social equity, and economic equality, the book's themes are increasingly relevant to cities worldwide. Using Boston as a case study, the discussion offers valuable insights for urban enthusiasts, including those in public policy, city design and planning, or engaged and concerned urban citizens.

Watch the discussion here.

"Zoning is much more important than people think. It's the hidden source code of cities."


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