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As Delta variant rages, here's what businesses need to know about Covid-19 workplace safety requirements

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Josh Davis recently met with Ty West of the Boston Business Journal to discuss the rise in Covid-19 cases causes by the Delta variant. Touching on issues including OSHA guidelines, vaccination mandates and status outreach, masking and social distancing policies, Josh walks through policy and guideline recommendations and enforcements.

Key Takeaways:

Josh Davis, a director at Goulston & Storrs PC, said companies that comply with OSHA recommendations are likely to have a good defense if claims arise about Covid-19 infections in a workplace.

For employers that don't want to mandate the vaccine or ask about vaccination status, Davis said the best practice would be to have universal masking and social distancing practices.

Davis said vaccine mandates are increasingly popular and often controversial, but he has witnessed success with companies that are choosing to launch education programs on the vaccine.


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