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When Should I Hire an Internal Investigator?

Corporate Considerations Around Employment Issues

Employment director Joshua Davis spoke with Super Lawyers about internal investigations and some steps corporations should consider taking when faced with allegations of harassment, discrimination, or other complaints.

“No matter where you're doing business in this country right now, the basic responsibility any employer has when they're faced with an allegation of discriminatory conduct, whether it's a race allegation, a sex harassment allegation, whether it's against a senior person or against a coworker, the basic responsibility is to figure out what happened and then to take the steps necessary to stop it from happening,” says Joshua M. Davis, who advises businesses and does investigations out of Goulston & Storrs in Boston. “Those steps can be as simple as warning people that they're misbehaving and telling them they need to stop, or as dramatic as terminating the CEO of the company. It completely depends on the underlying factual situation.”

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